Lime stockists

We stock quicklime in one tonne bags 

In response to customer demand, we now stock one tonne bags of quick lime, for use under controlled conditions as a quick and effective drying agent for wet soils.  Correct appliacation or dosing of lime will quickly hydrate the soils, reducing the inhereent moisture content, and improving the workability.  Bags are supplied in minimum consignment of five, and delivered to site by Ardula Grab tipper, with bags placed on site at the point of use.


The product is a coarse white calcium oxide powder which is made by crushing and screening quicklime, for use in drying, stabilising, and modification of soils.  The product conforms to EN459 for building lime


One tonne bagged quicklime for rapid hydration of wet soil

Wet muck - you're in luck! We can rapidly deliver bagged lime for quick and effective modification of extremely wet soils. When used correctly under controlled conditions, the soils dosed with lime, at a rate of 2-5%, will quickly hydrate and improve in their workability