Airdula - visuals to volumetrics

Our CAA certified drone pilot is able to offer not only stunning aerial images and 4k video, but complete volumetric surveys and 3D models, on landforms up to four or five acres.  The all-weather DJI Matrice, operated by Gary Stanley, collects raw data from multiple flight passes across the site in question, to provide accurate stockpile volumes, cut and fill calculations, or ground level surveys, all available as a 3D model to be viewed and rotated in complete detail. 

Using our more conventional DJI Drones, site progress photos can be programmed by GPS coordinates so that direct comparisons can be made between image dates, in which images always acquired from exactly the same viewpoint

For building survey work, the drone has a camera gimbal allowing the device to gather images from the underside of buildings, both internally and externally - almost invaluable when pricing demolition works or building repairs, as the tender submissions can be qualified on accurate visual assessment.

Airdula 3D modelling

By using multiple flights over the area to be measured, sufficient data can be collected to produce a complete 3D model, in high resolution and fully rotatable. By combining accurate GPS data, a complete volumetric analysis can be produced, to provide a cubic metre stockpile volume

Site Overview

Airdula can offer regular site overviews for progress reviews and client feedback. Via GPS co-ordinates the drone can recall the exact posotion from previous images, ensuring that the correct photographic aspect is always the same