Regulatory Enforcement & Landfill Tax Liability for Incorrect Re-use of Soils on Development Sites

By ARDULA Staff on in Company News
3rd August, 2019

In response to increases in illegal waste deposits, CL:AIRE and the EA have, through the issue of updated guidance, sent a firm reminder to the construction industry that disposal of waste in contravention of environmental regulation, has, since April 2018, carried a potential landfill tax liability of over £90 per tonne, in addition to fines and punishments arising from successful prosecution.  This reinforces the message, that in challenging times for construction industry, there will be no tolerance for illegal disposal of construction and demolition waste.  At as risk of £90,000 tax for just 50 loads of soil, is it worth it?  At Ardula we lead by example in offering complete compliant waste disposal, recovery, or re-use.