We're Hauling construction forward!

Our diverse fleet is the largest of it's type in Kent, and we are unique in offering construction logistics using tippers, grab lorries, artic bulkers, artic flat-beds, and wagon and drags

  • Our fleet of 8 wheel tippers and grabs operate from our depots at Laddingford and Sheerness, but 4 vehicles have fully specified sleeper cabs, giving the tipper fleet additional coverage across the south east.
  • Our artic fleet operates from Laddingford, Sheerness, and Pevensey, and includes bulk aggregate and flat bed trailers, and in addition to all types of primary and recycled aggregates, we haul such diverse items such as grain, glass cullet, metal frag, steelwork, shoring equipment, bagged aggregates, bricks, blocks, and all manner of paving.

Our commitment to other road users

Our vehicles meet the very latest standards required by the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) and Construction Logistics Standard (CLOCS).

All vehicles have satellite tracking, and most have full vehicle operational data collection from on board management systems.  We control the fleet from our Laddingford office from where we can play back vehicle movements and produce printed reports from satellite tracking.  All vehcles have onboard cameras, and as we upgrade the equipment, we're adding the ability to capture video footage from multiple angles.  A number of vehicles have live in cab cameras, where video footage is available immediately after any incident


We ensure that drivers understand the risks when tipping and are adequately and regularly trained. We dedicate part of our detailed driver induction process to every aspect of loading and tipping waste and aggregates in a safe and secure manner

Ardula Fleet

We operate 15 8-Wheel tippers

Our tipper fleet is widely recognised across the south east, the distinctive red and blue livery a common site in Kent, Sussex, and South London

We operate 4 8-wheel Grab Vehicles

Our grab vehicles are active daily on a wide range of duties, often for small customers where site access for normal tippers is unsuitable. Our drivers will collect waste, deliver aggregates, and supply topsoil, exactly where and when the customer wants

PTC Fleet

Artic Bulkers

Our artics haul their 28t payload from major aggregate and recycling facilities to receiving sites across the south east, often supporting the tipper fleet with direct deliveries to Ardula customer sites

Artic Flat Bed Trailers

We're able to move all manner of construction materials and plant. From blocks and bricks, to bagged sand or shoring equipment, we can move it swiftly, safely, and securely