Keeping each other safe


We acted quickly and pro-actively to follow the advice and guidelines from the Government to mitigate and manage the risk of Covid-19 and to keep our colleagues, subcontractors, suppliers, customers and local communities safe.

We undertook Risk Assessments for all our workplaces and working practices to identify what work activity or situations may cause transmission of the virus, to assess who could be at risk, decide how likely it was that someone could be exposed and acted to remove the activity or situation, or if this wasn’t possible, to control the risk.

We have informed our staff on the importance of PPE, handwashing and social distancing along with the other measures identified in our Risk Assessments.  We communicated the measures necessary to minimise the risk of spread of infection and stressed the importance of everyone in the company and in the industry as whole taking responsibility for their actions and behaviours.             

We encourage a pro-active, open and collaborative approach to health and safety between staff and managers so any issues can be openly discussed and addressed, with everyone taking responsibility for keeping themselves and each other safe.

A full list of Ardula’s Covid-19 safety measures are outlined in the attached document. These include:

  • Ensuring workers who have a positive Covid-19 test or have symptoms self-isolate
  • Minimising frequency and time workers are within 2 metres of each other              
  • Minimising the number of workers involved in tasks and ensure those who have to work closely together working in a ‘bubble’        
  • Providing staff with hand sanitiser and anti-viral cleaner for vehicles, tools etc
  • Ensuring regular cleaning of common touchpoints, doors, buttons, handles, vehicle cabs, tools, equipment etc.
  • Encouraging workers to wash their hands before and after using any equipment        
  • Supplying PPE


Ardula Covid-19 Guidelines  (pdf)