About Us

The Ardula Group of companies provides construction haulage and associated services throughout Kent, Sussex, South East London, and often beyond.  The fleet comprises 50 vehicles, spread across three operational companies; Ardula Limited, consisting of 16 Tippers and 4 Grab Tippers, PTC (South East) Limited consisting of 15 Artic units with bulk aggregate or flat bed trailers, and Mantransco Limited, consisting of 13 rigid vehicles with crane mounts and drawbar trailers.

Each business is a registered waste carrier, and Ardula Limited in particular focuses on not only the environmentally compliant haulage and disposal of all types of construction waste, but also value engineering, by treating waste soils soils using processes such as screening, crushing, blending, and in situ remediation, all under appropriate regulatory permissions such as Environment Agency exemptions, Mobile Treatment Permits, and the Definition of Waste Code of Practice, commonly known as the CL:AIRE code of practice, or Dowcop.

A further support service is the provision of aerial photography and detailed volumetric survey and measurement using the very latest drone technology.  Under the 'Airdula' banner, the company can provide detailed cut and fill volumetric data from drone surveys carried out by a registered pilot, as well as more straight forward aerial site photographs for site planning and progress review.